Sunday, February 28, 2010

विपक्षी एकता- सरकार की परेशानी

It seems it was only yesterday. The results for the Lok Sabha elections were out and the Congress got more than 200 seats but fell short of the magic figure of 272.

But, today, it is behaving as if it has managed to get more than 300 seats. The budget presented by Pranab Mukharjee is one such example. It behaved in a manner as if there is no tomorrow and this government is going to last not for 5 but 50 years. What was more shocking that a party which came to power, promising better life for "aam aadmi" has done gross injustice to their interests.

Entire opposition walked out when Mr. Mukharjee announced that the government is restoring the duty cuts announced on petro products. Congress spokesmen and also some newspapers rediculed opposition's move by saying that it was undemocratic and also against the norms of parliamentary democracy.

I pity them. In democracy, it is right of the opposition parties to oppose the government on its wrong policies. It was not one political party but entire opposition which was united in opposing government's anti people move. I think the opposition was absolutely right in walking out of the house. If the biggest temple of democracy cannot protect interests of the aam aadmi then who will do it?

I also see a silver lining in the opposition unity. They may have come together keeping their own little political interests in mind, but as a pressure group they can force the government to rethink its decisions. Moreover, the parties which are part of the government are also opposing price hike.

Now there is a plan to hold one day long Bharat Band against the rise in the prices of the petroleum products. If it materalises, it would be a grand step in the direction of fortifying opposition unity and this will only increase problems for the government. Only then, I think the Congress can show some reasoning and stop behaving in an arrogant manner, in which they have been behaving since the day they came to power.